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Why Fund Scientific Research?

Investing in scientific research has an excellent rate of return. One study conservatively estimated that investment in academic research enjoys a 28% annual return rate.

Who Funds Scientific Research?

Nearly half of all basic research in the United States is federally-funded. Basic and applied research funding from the federal government exceeds $40 B. Most of the other half of basic research funding is supported by private-sector industry.

How We Help

We help by funding basic research. We look for creative ideas that are having a hard time getting funded through industry or federal institutions and get them started.

Securing federal funding can be a lengthy and complicated process. Federal funding is also exposed to cuts in the federal budget. Research funded by industry tends to be narrowly focused on imminent product development. We provide an alternative to both.

We have an interactive grant proposal process that allows the researcher to refine their thesis and proposal. We work with researchers along the way to make sure they have what they need and are progressing towards their goals.

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